About Us

The Maitland Wellness Center was founded in 2013 to serve the health and wellness needs of the local community. Based on the theory that all aspects of a person’s life and body are inter-connected.  The services offered all aim to help balance the aspects of mind, body, or spirit that may be contributing to symptoms.  Our mission is to provide the best Relationship-Based Integrative Care.  That means, your unique individual needs are evaluated to create a custom treatment plan.  You will benefit from not only the talents and training of your practitioner, but also the knowledge and support of the entire team.  Relationship based care means that you are treated as an individual and person, with respect and dignity to help you achieve your goals.   We believe strongly that each person has the right to make their own decisions and be supported in these choices.  Underlying all that we do is the firm belief in the body’s innate capacity for healing.

The Maitland Wellness Center offers a wide variety of holistic services in a beautiful environment to further support your health and healing.  Groups, classes and workshops are offered to the community in our classroom space.

Holistic Support is Offered For:

  • Pain Management
  • Relaxation
  • Emotional Healing
  • Women’s Health
  • Anti-Aging
  • Medical Diagnosis Support
Pain Management

Support for relieving and eliminating chronic and acute pain conditions is offered through Acupuncture and Therapeutic massage.

Acupuncture helps to stimulate healing and is shown in research to be an effective treatment for pain.  Balancing of the body and the internal systems is a principal way to help restore the body and recover from pain.

Massage and bodywork can help to relieve pain of the muscle and tissues of the body, improve mobility and promote natural healing.


In today’s stressful world an important part of any wellness plan includes relaxation.  Often times there is not anything wrong that needs to be fixed.  Giving the mind and body a chance to recharge and relax is what is in order.

Massage, reiki, and holistic skin-care are available.

Emotional Healing:

When the physical aspect of the body needs attention, sometimes the emotions get put aside.  Or something traumatic has happened and it is too much to handle alone.  Counseling or psychotherapy can help to guide you back to feeling centered and in control.  Healing the emotional parts are crucial because unresolved feelings and traumas can become buried in the body.

Bodywork is also an important component to emotional healing.  Increasing the mind body connection helps release stuck emotions.  As well, stuck emotions are stored in the body and the cells.  A skilled massage therapist can help to release these emotions.

Women’s Health:

There is help for infertility, hormone imbalance, and menopause. Chinese and Auyervedic medicine the body is able to be rebalanced and alleviate symptoms.


Look on the outside as good as you feel on the inside.  Holistic skin-care treatments are available with the Oxi-light facial machine.  Using light therapy and oxygen therapy to help you look your best.   Acupuncture can help to rejuvenate facial muscles to regain strength and firmness.

Medical Diagnosis Support

Being diagnosed with a major medical condition can feel overwhelming and confusing.  Our practitioners have extensive training and background in helping to manage and offer support of you and your family with medical care management.

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